to the website Section concentrating on the Manningtree Area.

The main site has expanded so much over the last few years that my own ‘Home Town’ and main focus has been lost in the mass of information.

To rectify this I am putting the relative data on this specific Manningtree  section.  

Districts covered will include, Manningtree, Mistley, Lawford, Colchester and Harwich.

Following the successful reunion on the 25th July 2019 I am hoping to work more closely with the local history group running the small but well organised Manningtree Museum.


Domesday Book Entry:

Mistley. Mitteslea: Henry's wife from Roger de Raismes

Lawford  Laleforda / Leleforda: King's land; Peter de Valognes; Roger de Raismes; Richard FitzGilbert; Waleran from the king, and Bishop of Bayeux and Ralph FitzThorold from him; Ranulf, Hugh de Montfort, Ralph Baynard, Eudo the Steward, Roger, Walter the Deacon and Adelulf from Count Eustace. 2 mills.

No record for Manningtree as a separate settlement.

In medieval times Manningtree was involved in the very prosperous wool trade as was the Lucas family in West Suffolk. It would make perfect sense to establish a family export facility connecting  to the ‘Lowlands’ of Europe.


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So what are the origins of the three Village names: Manningtree, Mistley and Lawford.

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