The Towers, Mistley

Designed by The Adam Brothers, built by Richard Rigby

Swan Basin,

Designed by The Adam Brothers, built by Richard Rigby

Mistley has a long history. There is evidence of Stone Age occupation and the original church at Mistley Heath goes back to early Christian times. The site could well have seen pagan worship long before then.

The Church on the Heath was the centre of local worship, Manningtree and the Thorn areas  being serviced by Lay Chapels from the parent church. It was only much later that St Michael’s,  Manningtree was established as a church in it’s own right.

Richard Rigby of Mistley Hall

Who was Sarah the mistress of Richard Rigby simple referred to asWidow from Ipswich’

Mistley’s Oldest Living Resident

Early Lucas Family of Mistley

Mistley Survey External pdf file

Old Knobbley, our Oldest Resident

During this last 800 years of history we have been home to “Old Knobbly”. Standing in a quite corner of Furze Hills, this old oak tree that is believed to be the oldest in Britain.


Rediscovered Mistley History