LUCAS Family in Lawford

We have evidence of the Lucas Family in Lawford from fairly early times.

Over recent years Lawford has been overshadowed by Manningtree since the latter gained Town status.

Evidence of early occupation In Lawford is supplied by ‘Tye Henge’ an ancient timber circle. This was likely just one of several similar Timber/Ditch ‘Prehistoric’ monuments along the Stour Valley.

The village is somewhat spread out from the Church and old centre on high ground and extending down to the river where the lowest crossing point of the River Stour was established.

Lawford extends eastwards to abut with Manningtree, while Mistley restricted Manningtree’s expansion on the other side.  The result was Manningtree while growing it’s importance was unable to expand outwards. Hence becoming England’s smallest Town.

LUCAS FAMILY in Lawford.

I have a reference to ‘John Lucas Yeoman farmer of Lawford’

I believe there is more to discover.

From it’s name, did it originate from ‘Low Ford’ being the lowest point that the River Stour could be safely crossed on foot at low tide. Certainly the settlement in very ancient.

I see great potential in investigating the village in closer detail, particularly in respect of the Lucas Family