1559 Sepember 16th  Death of Sir John Rainsford (Source Morant) Edmonds and Goodwyn inhert Manors

At time of death held Manytree alias Chedingho, with appertences and the Crane, the Key and Key House of the Queen in ca. and a Chapel called our Lady in the Oates (Note this is in Bradfield not Manningtree) and the Gild or Franternity of Manytree: also the maners of Old Hall and New Hall and rectory of Mistleley of the queen for a 40th of a Knights fee. He had two wives one who was the daughter and hier of Edward Knivet. Second - Winifred daughter and heir of John Pyme; but left no heirs by issue either so that his heirs were decendents of his mothers sister Elizabeth daughter of Sir Humfey Starkey namely 1. Christopher Edmonds, 2. John Goodwyn and 3. Anne, wife of Henry Joffelyn. Not sure who became the fourth party to the estate – see below – perhaps John Lucas, gent

1566 December 31 D/DU 279/1 Essex Record

DONE latin with Peter


Licence of alienation (sale or transfer of land) (Queen is allowing the transfer/Conveyance of property) for £11.6.8 (The fee here is probably for the Queen’s agreement/License rather than for the sale of the property)
Elizabeth I licenses (2). John Goodwyn, esq., (3). Henry Josselyn, esq., and Anne his wife, (4). John Lucas, gent., and Mary his wife, to alienate to Francis Saunders, esq., and William Walter, sen.
Manor of Oldehall or Oldehall and Newehall in Mistley, formerly part of lands of William Forde, esq., and manor of MANNINGTREE (manytre or Schidynghoo), le CRANE, le Key and Key house in MANNINGTREE, and appurtenances (e.g. fixed assets which have become part of the property such as a Crane, Key house) in MANNINGTREE, Mistley, Lawford, Little Bromley, Ardleigh and Bradfield, formerly the possessions of the monastery of Canonleigh
Saunders and Walter are trustees to give half the profits to Goodwyn and half to Josselyn (see Morant, I,462)

1513 October25 Deed: D/DAv 22

William Bryght of Manningtree

Quitclaim Agnes Malett (late wife of John Rothe), John Aley of East Bergholt, Suffolk, and William Bryght of Manningtree, to Richard Darnell, 'Jakes' Darnell, John Brooke, Richard Coole, Edward Coole and 'Jakes' Coole. In a tenement called 'Hekeford alias Barrys' in Mistley, between the hand of John Lucas on both parts tenement called 'Watchis' on one part, and that called 'Tredener' (see also below Tynderfield in Manningtree and 1312 for William le Teynturer) on the other; and a croft called 'Hulmans' in Mistley, between the land of John Lucas on both parts, abutting east on land of John Lucas and west on the way from Manningtree to Harwich.

Hil. &: Eas. Francis Saunders, esq., &: Wm. Walter sen., pl. Jn. Goodwyn, esq.,

Hy. Josselyn, esq., &: w. Anne, &: Jn. Lucas, gent., &: w. Mary, def. Manors of Manytre,

Schidynghoo alias Chedynghoo, Oldhall alias Oldehall, Newhall&: Abbottesalias Edlynges

&: 60 mess., 20 cotts., 10 tofts, 4 water·mills, 1,000 a ar., 200 a. mw., 1,000 a. pa., 400

a. wd., 600 a. furze & heath &: .£20 rt. in Manytre, Scidynghoo alias Chedynghoo, Oldhall

alias Oldehall, Newhall, Abbottes alias Edlynges, Mistleigh alias Mysteley, Bradfeld,

Colchester, Stanwaye, Wrabne alias Wrabnes, Wikes, Little Badowe, Lawforde, Little

Bromeleigh, Ardleigh, 'and Our Ladye i~ the Otes', view of frank pledge, free warren,

liberties &: franchises in Misteleigh &: Manytre, the rectory &: church of Bradfeld &: tithes

of Bradfeld, &: the advowsons of the church of Misteleigh alias Misteley &: the vicarage of

Bradfeld. Def. quitclaimed to pl. & the heirs of Francis. And for this pl. gtd. one moiety

of the same to Jn. Goodwyn&: his heirs, &: the other moiety to Hy.&: Anne&: the heirs

of Anne, to hold of the chief lords.

About 1560


  Recognizance: John LUCAS of MANNINGTREE, gentleman, and John Sewell of the same, tailor, for the said John Sewell not to haunt evil or suspect company, not to use any unlawful games nor keep any evil rule, justly offensive to the honest and most substantial of the parish wherein he shall be abiding, nor to misintreat any of the Queen's subjects by fighting or threats, and also within twenty-eight days to leave off working at his own hand and be retained in some honest service as a household servant where he may use his science or otherwise serve in that faculty wherein he shall be retained.
Appeared and handed over further as appears in the Sessions Roll. Surety:' John Colman of the same yeoman
Taken before William Cardinall (also 37/48).

LUCAS Family in Manningtree