The Ascension

By John Constable RA

Oil on Canvas 64 x 50 in.

Commissioned for St Michael's, Manningtree. When St Michael's was demolished the painting was purchased by Feering Church, still in Essex.

As part of their fund raising to repair their roof the painting was again sold and aquired by ‘The Constable Trust’ and is now on display at Dedham Church, just down the road.

John Constable

Best  known for his landscape paintings notably ‘The Haywain’ was commissioned by Alston The Local Brewery to paint the ascension of Christ  for St Michael’s Church, Manningtree.

As well as East Bergholt across the border in Suffolk, the Constable family was well established in Manningtree.

John Constable’s father owned and operated ships from the Manningtree area. He transported flour sent down by barge from his mill at Flatford. I assume he transferred the load at Manningtree and shipped to London and up the coast to Newcastle. The return load being Coal. (The Black and White Trade)

John Constable

A Sketch by John Constable of ships along the Mistley Shore