The Lucas Family in Manningtree.

Sometime before 1279, we have mention of Lucas de La Strande holding land North of bank of the River Stour.

La Strande is an interesting title, meaning a stretch of land running along the edge of a river. Was this possibly a local reference - living near the river Stour, maybe close to what is now known as ‘The Walls’

Was he from the Strand area of London which was already well established as an area of the Capital at this time?

In 1388 we have the first mention of the Lucas family specifically in Manningtree -

‘John Lucas [Cloth Merchant] of Manningtree’ was exporting goods via Harwich on the ship Anne.

John was born in 1355, his father also John was born in 1330 I believe he was also born in the area. Could he be the son of the aforementioned ‘La Strande’ above.

From this it would appear that the Lucas family has been firmly established in the Mistley / Manningtree area  for over 700 years.

We do have detailed lineage in Manningtree from 1700’s

One branch of the Lucas Family 1948 in Black and White  

Like most families around the world our family suffered during both World Wars.  Lucas Family World War One Heroes

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