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or a small town in fact a contender for the smallest town in England, Manningtree has been the base of several major businesses. Major industry  in the Area

John Constable, famous the world over for his rural landscapes was born just across the border in East Bergholt. The area is known as Constable Country with Manningtree siting on the Eastern edge. The Constable family  had a major influence on the Town.   The Constable Connection

One of the darker periods of Manningtree’s history was in the mid 1600’s when Matthew Hopkins persecuted the poor and vulnerable women of East Anglia.  Witchfinder General

The Rigby Family played a big part in developing modern Mistley

Manningtree in the 1800’s was  a very vibrant town. A great deal can be gauged by studying Whites Directory

It would be  inconceivable visualise the town without the Lucas Family. The family have been active here for well over 700 years.  Lucas Family in Manningtree


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